Company History

Celebrating Three Decades of Personal Service
Legal Access Plans, Inc. began in 1971 as a simple idea in Southern California. The idea was to give people and their families access to reliable legal advice and financial planning assistance. Reliable advice prevents lawsuits and financial insecurity. Our legal plan adds value to benefits packages for a reasonable price.

Committed to Offering the Best
Over the years, Legal Access has offered legal plans with a variety of different approaches, constantly analyzing and refining along the way. We've listened to our clients' needs, likes and dislikes to build a flexible plan that truly is the best available.

Nationwide Growth
To better serve our clients, in 1988 we relocated to Houston, Texas. From this centralized location we have built relationships with clients and attorneys from coast to coast.

All Legal Plan Providers are NOT the Same
Legal Access is the oldest and most innovative legal plan provider in the industry. We continue to keep our ears tuned to what you desire in order to deliver a customized legal/financial plan backed up by personal service. We look forward to the opportunity of including you in our family of clients whose members enjoy the security of a legal and financial plan that is second to none.

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